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Terrazzo is a mosaic-like composite material made of marble and other stone chips mixed with a binder, used for floor and walls. As with any other material, terrazzo repair & restoration are vital services to keep your surfaces in good condition. Especially repairs are of specialised character.y.

What to do when your terrazzo surface needs repair?

As with terrazzo restoration, terrazzo repair services must be provided by a qualified expert. When you need to hire a professional to repair your terrazzo surface, you must ensure that they are capable to use materials and tools which are suitable for your terrazzo repair. It is also important that the person doing the repair is capable to match materials used for reinstatement, replacement or patching to the original colour and aggregate of terrazzo floors or walls. Such experts will also be capable to perform terrazzo restoration activities, such as terrazzo cleaning and terrazzo polishing. It would be advised for tiles to be shown to the client for approval before they are applied to home or commercial surfaces. Milos Marbles is a professional company specialising in terrazzo repair from Hemel Hempstead, but it performs services connected with terrazzo repair in London, Twickenham, Watford, and other areas located nearby.


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